Steve Penson Jr. aka BADBOY

Sherry Penson aka BADGIRL

Steve's Mother gave him his BADBOY name

and BADBOY gave Sherry the BADGIRL name.

BADGIRL & BADBOY ran together at Tri-County Speedway, NC

in 2004. BADGIRL won, BADBOY was 2nd.

The above photo was in the Sept. 2004 edition

of Stock Car Racing magazine.

They were dating at that time and were married Jan. 29th,

2005. Due to a freak accident in Oct. 2005, Sherry is no

longer able to run demolition derbies and misses it alot.


Just call me BADGIRL

Let me introduce myself.  I am Sherry Penson from Ellenboro, NC, wife of Steve Penson Jr. and mother of Jessica Marie and Ronnie Lee.  Steve and I are the owners of Ultimate Destruction Demolition Derby or UD for short.   http://www.ultimatedestruction.org/
My demolition derby name is BADGIRL.  It became after winning my first demolition derby in 2003. http://www.freewebs.com/beotchs/photos.htm  I was Sherry Weese then.  Steve Penson Jr. helped my brother with my first car.  Steve runs BADBOY on his demo cars.  We hooked up and naturally he gave me the name ‘his BADGIRL’.  My next demo car had BADGIRL painted on both sides.


Our family loves to demo and attend demos.  Steve and his father, Steve Sr., created the legendary demo team known as F.C.B. in the early 1990’s.  Later, Brent Scruggs and my brother, Donald Terry Sr. joined making them a force to be reckoned with.  After years of watching, I was excited to have them build me a car to demo!

Less than 2 years after Steve and I hooked up, we were married.  Now we are officially the BADBOY & BADGIRL.  UD was formed to provide driver’s the best set of rules possible and the fans an awesome show.  Our first UD was in 2008.  This year is our 3rd Annual Event.  We are very thankful to our sponsors.  Without them, UD would not be possible.

And now to have DDLeague dedicated to helping promoters, driver’s and fans throughout the North East, demolition derbies can only continue to grow.  DDLeague will show others what it takes to compete in all areas of this Extreme Motor Sport and I can hardly wait to see where Dudley and the whole DDLeague Team take this sport.

Your Friend,
Sherry BADGIRL Penson



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